Lifestyle & Activities

Springfield has a dedicated activities co-ordinator who encourages residents to participate in a variety of group and individual activities. Social events and entertainment are offered frequently, our armchair exercise class is now running twice a week due to its success. Charity events are a regular activity with our home to help organise funds for the Residents. See below for pictures of the football event with staff and residents participating.

We have regular bands, singers, pantomimes and various other entertainment on-going, please speak to a member of our team for the timetable. All Residents are encouraged to join the Resident forums and help organise activities and events of their choice.

Residents also enjoy a monthly visit from a local church for songs of praise.

One to one sessions are a special part of our role, as we get the time to build a relationship with the resident which helps us to develop individual needs around them, life history’s play a vital role and we compile the information within the resident’s care plan.


Sensory Room 2 (640x480)   Sensory Room (640x480)

Enjoyable time is spent by our Residents in the Sensory room, this provides an environment in which you can create events which focus on particular senses such as feel, vision, sound, smell and taste as well as the more abstract senses of wellbeing, space, time, togetherness and many more we could describe. They can completely relax, or interact with and control all the elements provided.

Sensory Rooms gives people control, possibly for the first time in their lives. It enables people with any degree of disability to change and influence their environment in a positive way.

Multi-sensory rooms are used by people of all ages and all abilities for relaxation, focused work, stimulation, control, massage, aromatherapy, reminiscence work, physiotherapy, communication and stress release.

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